PlayStation 4 Configuration

Configure PS4 – UK or US Proxy Configuration

1. 1.Start your PS4 and open Settings
Then, open Network.
2. 2.Select Connect to the internet.
3. 3.Select Wired or Wireless depending on how your PS4 is connected to internet.
Hint: If you use a Wireless Network select your Network and enter your WiFi password.
4. 4.Select Custom.
5. 5.Go through the settings as follows:
Leave DHCP Host Name settings as Do Not Specify.
Leave DNS Settings on Automatic.
Leave MTU Settings on Automatic.
6. 6.On the Proxy Server page select the option Use.
If you need UK channels enter the IP address:
Port: 443

Or else, if you need US Channels enter the IP address:
Port: 443
Click Next when you are done.
7. 7.Press the right button to continue and leave the other settings unchanged until you are prompted to save the settings.
8. 8.Before testing the internet connection, authenticate your IP.
Use your computer or tablet to open the following link and login using your TellyPass username and password:
9. 9.Now you can test the connection by selecting Test Connection.