Sony Configuration

Configure Sony – Proxy Connection

Hint: This guide is valid for Non-Android TVs built by Sony. For Android TVs please choose the other configuration guide.
  1. Go to Home > Settings > Network > Network Set Up
  2. Select Wireless or Wired depending on your connection type. Select your wireless network if you are using a wireless connection
  3. On the "Select how you configure the IP address and proxy settings", Select Custom
  4. The next scree will display "IP address settings, Auto or Manual"- Select Auto
  5. Press Next
  6. The next screen display "Do you want to use a proxy?" Select Yes
  7. In you need the UK Channels, please enter the IP:
    Enter port: 443
    or else, for the US Channels, please enter the IP:
    Enter port: 443
  8. Press Next
  9. The page will show a summary of the settings, please review them and press Next.
  10. Select Save & Connect
  11. Wait for the network setup to complete: Network set up is complete, the TV has successfully connected to the network. Press OK.
  12. Go to Setup > Network, select Refresh Internet Content to receive the new channels.