Frequently Asked Questions about Service

1. How do I use TellyPass?

There are two steps:

  • Registration – you will have to register with a valid email address in order to get a TellyPass Account.
  • Device configuration – Just follow the guides available on our configuration page in order to setup TellyPass on your device.

2. When is my account created?

Your account will be created immediately after you finish the registration. Contact us if you cannot find the activation email in any of your mail folders (Inbox, Bulk or Spam).

3. How do I use TellyPass?

You just need to configure TellyPass on your devices then go directly to the internet and browse as usual.

4. I have configured TellyPass; what do I do now?

On computers, phones and tablets please open our service-status page and check if TellyPass is detected:

if TellyPass is active, you should authenticate your device here:

If you are using other devices like a Smart TV, a gaming console, an Apple TV or any other streaming box.

Then you still need a computer or tablet to authenticate your home network:

5. I have configured TellyPass, but it’s not working

You should contact support in order to troubleshoot the problem on your side.

If TellyPass does not work it’s either because of a small configuration mistake or due to some restrictions on your internet connection. We can recommend you a different configuration option which will help you bypass the restrictions.

6. TellyPass has stopped working on my device.

There are a few possibilities why this happens even if your account has not expired.

  1. It’s possible that you need to authenticate again on our website:
  2. or it’s possible that you need to configure again your device. Please check our configuration guides.
  3. Contact support if the problem persists.

7. How does TellyPass work?

You need to configure your device to use one of the available TellyPass connection options for your device.

Once your device is configured go directly to the internet and browse as usual.

8. Can I use TellyPass from any country?

Yes, TellyPass works regardless of the country you are located in.

9. Privacy and Safety?

TellyPass is a hassle-free service which is safe to use. Our servers are secured and we do not share or sell information to others as you can also read in our Privacy Policy.

Please note that all our logs are periodically erased as soon as they fill up.

10. What Payment options are available?

Currently we accept payments through PayPal and Paymentwall.

Credit-card and other types of payment are processed by Paymentwall.

11. How do I setup the TellyPass service?

The setup is different depending on the device that you want to configure. Basically, you have to go to the DNS settings on your device and enter the DNS address that we provide and save the settings.

Please check our TellyPass configuration page for detailed step by step configuration instructions.

12. How do I remove the TellyPass configuration from my system?

You will have to retrace your steps and go to the DNS settings on your device and remove the DNS configuration.

Please check our removal guides or contact us for support at:

13. How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time by contacting us at:

Please specify the username or email address which you used for registration.

14. How does the authentication work?

Every time your IP has changed/expired you will be prompted for your TellyPass username and password.

After you successfully log in, you are ready to use the service. After a period you may be prompted again for your username and password.

On some devices like Smart TVs, gaming consoles, Apple TV or any other streaming boxes

You need to use a computer or tablet to authenticate your home network on the followinfg link:

15. Why does the authentication fail?

Please make sure that your account is still active and that you have used the corect username and password. You can also contact us in order to help you troubleshoot the problem.

16. Why am I not prompted for authentication?

Usually this happens because you did not manage to configure correctly the DNS server on your device. Please check again the configuration or contact us at our support address.

17. How can I change or reset my password?

You can change or reset the password from your account on our website.