Android Configuration

The VPN connection is available only for the TellyPass + VPN accounts.
Email us if you want to test this connection at

Configure Android VPN(L2TP) Connection

1. 1.Tap Settings in your applications screen.
Then tap More in order to open VPN settings.
2. 2.Tap VPN in order to start configuring the VPN on your device.
3. 3.Tap the + button and enter the following VPN details.
Hint: To change settings for an already defined VPN connection long tap on the already defined VPN connection name.
4. 4. Enter the following information:
Name - enter any name e.g. TellyPass L2TP
Please select L2TP/IPsec PSK as the VPN connection type.
Server address - choose a server from our VPN server list
IPsec pre-shared key: tellypass
Save the settings
5. 5.Tap on TellyPass L2TP in order to connect and enter your TellyPass username and password.
Hint: After you connect to the server you will see a “VPN activated” notification at the top of the screen. You can tap the notification in order to disconnect from the VPN.
6. 6.After you connect to the VPN server you can start using the channel apps on your device.