Windows 8 Configuration

The VPN connection is available only for the TellyPass + VPN accounts.
Email us if you want to test this connection at

Configure Windows 8 VPN(L2TP) Connection

1. 1. Open the Control Panel
- from Start screen, just type control panel
- or from desktop mode open the Charms menu, then go to Settings, then open Control Panel
2. 2. Click on Network and Internet
Then click on Network and sharing center
3. 3. Click Setup a new connection or network.
4. 4. Select Connect to a workplace and click Next.
If you are prompted to choose an existing VPN connection, select: No, create a new connection
And click Next
5. 5. Click Use my Internet connection (VPN).
6. 6. In the Internet Address field: put a VPN from the L2TP server list
in Destination name enter any VPN description you wish e.g.: TellyPass L2TP

Click Create
7. 7. Go back to Network and Sharing Center and click on Change Adapter Settings
8. 8. Right click on VPN connection name and select Properties.
9. 9. On the Security tab select Type of VPN as Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IPsec (L2TP/IPsec).
10. 10. Click Advanced Settings.
Select Use preshared key for authentication and enter: tellypass

Click OK twice to save the settings
11. 11. Manage your VPN connection
Click on the Network icon (bottom right taskbar corner)
Then you will see your VPN connection in the list, click on it
Choose Connect /Disconnect in order to use the connection.
Hint: If you get the authentication failed message:
- please checked that you typed correctly your username and password;
- contact us if you need a TellyPass+VPN account.