TellyPass Privacy & Cookie Policy


Your privacy is very important to us. Therefore we do not sell or make public the information to others.

We created this document in order to describe how your information (access data and personal data) is collected, stored and used by TellyPass. It applies to the information that we collect when you use or access our TellyPass website and service.

1. Changes to this Policy

We reserve the right to make changes or to replace this policy as our service is changing and improving over time. The last change is documented at the top of this page. As long as you are using the service please maintain accurate email contact information in order to allow us to inform you about changes regarding this privacy policy and regarding the terms of service.

2. Collected Information

We collect very little information about users and we do collect data in order to be able to operate our service. We have to collect some information in order to be able to run our service and in order to balance our servers, and improve the service over time.

Access Information: we store your provided username, email address and billing information (provided by our billing partners e.g.:PayPal). This allows us to provide your service, to identify you, to create your account and to communicate with you when needed.

Log Information: we collect on our server logs your IP address and information regarding your session access like connection date, duration, and accessed page. We also receive information about what device and software you are using to connect to our service (e.g.: device/ OS/ browser).

Please note that oldest logs are periodically erased.

3. Information Security

We use the standard technologies on the web to protect you data like SSL encryption. While no service is completely secure, we take reasonable measures in order to protect your data and our systems, however on the internet data cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Therefore you acknowledge that you accept to transmit your data at your own risk.  

4. Contact

We always maintain on our website proper electronic and geographical contact address. For logistic reasons please contact us via email for technical support or any other request that you might have regarding your account:

We will contact you in matters regarding payment, your account status and in order to provide information regarding our service.

5. Cookie Policy.

We use cookies in order to be able run our service, to maintain your browser access sessions for the TellyPass service. This helps us to provide a good experience when you use the TellyPass website and service. Our cookies are necessary in order to make the website functional. Without these cookies it wouldn’t be possible for you to browse our website and for us to fulfill your orders.

We also need to use 3rd party cookies (for website analytics) in order to understand how our site is used. These cookies do not provide us with any personal/identification data. They just help us understand how you reached TellyPass, if you have visited us before, what pages are interesting for you, etc. This kind of information allows us to improve our website and content and will make your whole experience better when using TellyPass.

Because cookies are so common on the web most browsers accept them automatically. If you don't want to receive cookies, you can usually change your browser’s behavior. Typical settings allow you to delete, to reject or to prompt you before accepting cookies. These settings are browser dependent so please check your browser’s “help section”.