iPhone Configuration

The VPN connection is available only for the TellyPass + VPN accounts.
Email us if you want to test this connection at contact@tellypass.com

Configure iPhone VPN(L2TP) Connection

1. 1.Find and tap the Settings icon from your main application screen.
2. 2.In the left panel select General.
In the right panel scroll down until you reach VPN and tap VPN
3. 3.Tap Add VPN Configuration in order to start configuring the VPN on your device.
Hint: To change settings for an already defined VPN connection tap on the information icon (i) next to the already defined VPN connection name.
4. 4.The field Type must be set to L2TP
5. 5. Enter the following information:
Description - enter any name e.g. TellyPass
Server - choose a server from our L2TP VPN server list
Account - your TellyPass account username
Password - your password
Secret - tellypass
Send All Traffic - has to be active (green position)
6. 6.Save the settings
7. 7.Now turn on the VPN connection. In the main setting screen activate the VPN option.
Hint: The VPN option appears only if a VPN connection is already configured on your device.
8. 8.After you connect to the VPN server please use the channel apps on your device.