Windows 10 Configuration

The VPN connection is available only for the TellyPass + VPN accounts.
Email us if you want to test this connection at

Configure Windows 10 VPN(PPTP) Connection

1. 1. Click on the Start button
Then click on Settings
2. 2. Click on Network and Internet
Then click on VPN
3. 3. Click on Add a VPN connection

And fill out the form as follows:
VPN Provider: Windows (built-in)
Connection name: Any name you wish like: TellyPass VPN
Server name or address: put a VPN server name from this list
VPN type: you can leave it to Automatic or the PPTP option
Type of sign-in info: User name and password
User name: type your TellyPass account username
Password: type your TellyPass password
It’s handy to tick the option: Remember my sign-in info
Click Save
Hint: Your VPN connection is configured
4. 4. Click on the VPN connection name you just defined (probably named TellyPass…).
And click Connect
5. 5. Manage the VPN connection (Connect/Disconnect)

Click on Network icon (bottom right taskbar corner)
Then click on the VPN connection name
Now you can select the VPN connection name to Connect or Disconnect.
Hint: If the Network icon is not available in bottom right taskbar corner
Then click on the arrow Show hidden icons and you will find it.