Windows 7 Configuration

TellyPass Configuration Tool

You can configure TellyPass on your PC using the TellyPass Configuration Tool.

  • In some cases the antivirus program may falsely report our tool as being malicious. In order to enable TellyPass, the app has to do some network configuration changes which can falsely trigger the antivirus program.
  • It is not necessary to disable the antivirus program because TellyPass can be configured manually without using the app. Just follow the Proxy or DNS configuration guides and TellyPass will work fine on your computer.
1. 1. Download the setup file and install the program:
2. 2.Run the program and login with your TellyPass account
3. 3.Activate TellyPass on your computer
Hint: In some very rare cases you might need to install the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.x. This is a library required by many windows programs and you can download and install it directly it from Microsoft:

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